Sunday, 3 May 2009

Today in the garden.

Spotted the male greenfinch again and grabbed the camera to go outside but couldn't get any pics of him and he didn't come back whilst I was there, even hiding behind the washing!!
This starling is drying off after having a bath.

The goldfinches are so easy to photograph and the light is so lovely under the new leaves on the apple tree, even if they are starting to cover up the feeders!

Plenty of bumblers around, they love the rosemary.


  1. lovely photos and I just love the colour of new leaves in spring.Great shot of the starling after a wash and brush up

  2. one thing i find with the sheppies is that they will always give you something interesting to photograph, good pics sumac.


  3. Great pics sumac, love the starling pics, and the goldies really are beautiful! karen x