Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Sunday walk and last week's birds

A lovely winter's day - the Taw estuary on the Tarka trail...
Liked this image with the line of footprints.

Pretty sure these are redshanks - I'm not great on waders but these are common and the most likely.
Always lots of curlews on the estuary.
The snow brought a lot of birds into the garden. Loads of blackbirds, all chasing each other off whilst the thrush nipped in and got the food and then these lovely redwings appeared. Unfortunately all my photos were blurry - I think they were actually too close and I had the zoom lens on max. Went through loads of suet pellets , mealworms and sultanas but worth it for these visitors.

Got a new feeder for the wall outside the kitchen window so I can see the birds from there and get better pics like this starling on the wall next to it.

This little chap was hiding sunflower hearts all over the place.