Wednesday, 22 July 2009

A few new pics from the last few weeks

It's been such a hectic last few weeks that I've hardly had any time to do anything except top up the feeders. The garden has gotten into a bit of a mess and needs a tidy up but the weather has been so wet I haven't had chance to do anything about it. I haven't taken many pictures either as the battery charger has gone on the blink (the second one to break on me) and wasn't charging them up fully. Still got the odd snap now and then but missed quite a few, especially of the baby goldies, which was disappointing.

Got this lovely picture of a Dunnock in the tree very close to me. Felt almost guilty at being in the garden as it was giving constant warning calls to frighten me away from it's nest which was close by.

I'm starting to attract the feral pigeons now - previously they stayed on the rooftops and such. I really don't mind them - these are very healthy looking and really quite handsome birds and not too aggressive towards the smaller ones.

Even the Herring gulls are coming in now! I was surprised to hear that they are declining in number, there seem to be plenty here still.

Seem to be having a bit of a big bird invasion at the moment, especially with the young Jackdaws adding to the racket.

All the goldies lined up on the wire.

Harvey in the garden with the goldfiches. They seem to quite happy to feed in the tree while he's there - it's the ground feeders that have to watch out.

My first pic of a baby goldfinch! I've had the whole family of 3 chicks and parents since but haven't gotten pictures of them all.