Sunday, 26 April 2009

Outside with the camera

I took the camera outside into the garden today hoping to get a few shots of birds without the disadvantages of glass and shooting from upstairs at a distance. The results were brilliant, so much clearer and most of the birds are quite unafraid. The Starlings and Robins are the first to ignore me, followed by the Chaffinch and Goldfinches but the Sparrows seem to spook each other and won't venture onto a feeder whilst I'm there. I just wish I could photograph outside all year round but I feel the cold so I'd shake all the time in inclement weather!
Most of these images were taken with the cat on my knee, so it's a wonder I managed not to shake the camera. Every time I crouch down he comes running up wanting to sit on me.
The male Chaffinch with the warty feet - still not bothering him. I'm trying to keep an eye out for signs of it clearing up, hopefully he won't get lame or lose a toe or two. He was pecking at it the other day.

Don't know what this Starling's had his beak in.

This is my raggedy robin from a few weeks back when he was looking decidedly dishevelled from fighting off rivals I assume. His mate is looking very bright.

The robins get stunningly close - literally a few feet away! So bold.

This month, we'll mostly be having Bluebells and Clematis in the garden!

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Starlings today!

Always squabbling, noisy and destructive but very entertaining!

My lovely sparrows! They seem to be back in force now, although I seem to have a shortage of females, maybe they are all on the nests.

Another one of the cat with birds feeding in the tree.

Monday, 13 April 2009

Yesterday I went for a walk along part of the Tarka trail (also a section of the South West coastal path) for a few miles and took some photos of the estuary on one side and mixed scrub, fields, marsh etc. on the other.

The Taw estuary.

The path is quite busy with lots of cyclists and walkers.

A stream going into the estuary.

Lots of birds on the mudflats. These were mainly gulls - Herring and Lesser Black Backs with lots of juveniles.

This was flock of crows on a sandbank with the gulls in the distance. They were definately crows, not rooks as I photographed some in a tree that were about to join the rest.


These shelduck were probably the closest - there were quite a few of them. Most of the othe birds were much farther out on the estuary.

Canada goose and ducks.

A wren that was singing at the top of a tree.

When I got home there was a pair of siskins! My first visit by these striking birds.You can see the lovely forked tail on this one.

This one was a bit fuzzy.
Goldfinches are never away now.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

They're back again.

The woodpigeon and the blackbirds are loving the ivy berries.

A feral pigeon - don't get them too often, despite loads on the rooftops round about.

All was fine - then the fighting started!

A goldfinch on the ground - please ignore the weeds!

Yes the greenfinches were back this afternoon and this time they discovered the sunflower hearts, so it looks like I'll have to keep them stocked up!