Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Odd looking birds.

Tried to get some pictures of the blue tit I noticed over a week ago now which seems to have a deformed beak. I thought it might have something wedged through it's beak or have injured it, in which case there wasn't much hope for it's survival but it's been back several times since I first saw it and has been feeding normally.

Not easy to see but the beak on this one is very long and curved upward and to the side. It's still displaying very blue tit like behaviour of pecking at the suet block and cakes and taking a piece of food to a branch to hold it while it eats. Also it's been cleaning it off on a branch as the regular tits do with their beaks after feeding, so it seems to be fully functional!

Here's a regular blue tit drying off after a bath.

Here's a few pics I took several weeks ago of an unusual looking feral pigeon, which I thought must be a youngster. It has a dark eye and a pink beak, with no white at the base, also it's feathers are very 'frilly'!