Sunday, 26 April 2009

Outside with the camera

I took the camera outside into the garden today hoping to get a few shots of birds without the disadvantages of glass and shooting from upstairs at a distance. The results were brilliant, so much clearer and most of the birds are quite unafraid. The Starlings and Robins are the first to ignore me, followed by the Chaffinch and Goldfinches but the Sparrows seem to spook each other and won't venture onto a feeder whilst I'm there. I just wish I could photograph outside all year round but I feel the cold so I'd shake all the time in inclement weather!
Most of these images were taken with the cat on my knee, so it's a wonder I managed not to shake the camera. Every time I crouch down he comes running up wanting to sit on me.
The male Chaffinch with the warty feet - still not bothering him. I'm trying to keep an eye out for signs of it clearing up, hopefully he won't get lame or lose a toe or two. He was pecking at it the other day.

Don't know what this Starling's had his beak in.

This is my raggedy robin from a few weeks back when he was looking decidedly dishevelled from fighting off rivals I assume. His mate is looking very bright.

The robins get stunningly close - literally a few feet away! So bold.

This month, we'll mostly be having Bluebells and Clematis in the garden!


  1. Lovely colours there, Mac. I took some photos through an open window upstairs but haven't looked at them yet. Hoping for sharper pictures like yours.

  2. excellent photos sumac, so crisp and clear,mr robin does look a bit rough (must appeal to the lady robins), quite a few have commented about shooting behind glass (me being one of them), we have a window in the garage and the double glazing has gone in it, so my mate is replacing the whole window frame and making it so that it opens inwards, it'll be like having my own HIDE.


  3. brilliant photos Mac,and so close.Love the robin on the tree trunk.Great shot

  4. What beautifully clear and sharp shots - some lovely birds captured there Mac