Monday, 13 April 2009

Yesterday I went for a walk along part of the Tarka trail (also a section of the South West coastal path) for a few miles and took some photos of the estuary on one side and mixed scrub, fields, marsh etc. on the other.

The Taw estuary.

The path is quite busy with lots of cyclists and walkers.

A stream going into the estuary.

Lots of birds on the mudflats. These were mainly gulls - Herring and Lesser Black Backs with lots of juveniles.

This was flock of crows on a sandbank with the gulls in the distance. They were definately crows, not rooks as I photographed some in a tree that were about to join the rest.


These shelduck were probably the closest - there were quite a few of them. Most of the othe birds were much farther out on the estuary.

Canada goose and ducks.

A wren that was singing at the top of a tree.

When I got home there was a pair of siskins! My first visit by these striking birds.You can see the lovely forked tail on this one.

This one was a bit fuzzy.
Goldfinches are never away now.


  1. lovely photos Mac,the wrens voice is beautiful have just really heard it myself this last two days.Aren't the siskins just the dearest little birds and their markings brilliant.Well done

  2. Well done on the siskins, Mac. Tarka trail looks lovely, it's about time I went for some walks with my camera.

  3. Looks like a good day out and what a welcome home, lovely clear pictures of the siskins!!

  4. seems everybody is getting visits from the siskins, must be my turn soon, great photos.