Friday, 29 May 2009

Blackie baby sunbathing/cooling off

Saw this baby blackbird in the garden earlier. It's very hot today and it just plonked itself down and started doing this sunbathing/cooling off behaviour...

Laid down and fanned out wings.

Moved a bit and sat down with beak open.

Stood up and just fanned tail, with beak open.

All back to normal now.


  1. beautiful photos of that lovely bird Mac.Once you know that it is its way of cooling off it takes away the worry that it is hurt

  2. Yes, especially since I saw the whole thing, from it flying down to running off into the bushes after.

  3. must be very warm for them in the heat of the day, great shots sumac.


  4. Lovely pics sumac! Have just put similar pics on my blog, of a male blackbird. I was really worried about it yesterday, but now everyone has explained what he's doing, i can relax! Came again today, was there all afternoon! Bless!karen x

  5. Had the same experience last year Sue and being the complete novice at that time I thought the poor bird was dying, such a lot to learn hey lol