Sunday, 17 May 2009

Baby birds day.

Haven't been able to photograph much these last few days as the weather has been awful and I went and cut my hand packing up a box on Friday. Managed to grab the camera when I saw the baby starlings for the first time today but had to shoot out of the window so they're not the clearest pictures in the world.

Not a great pic but the sparrows all seem to lurk in the branches waiting for the parents to feed them. A few venture onto the feeders to try for themselves.

Just stood waiting to be fed!

When they're all fluffed up the babies look so much bigger than the adults.

They are so vunerable when they're just out of the nest.


  1. great shots sumac,the young starlings look so cute.


  2. Absolutely lovely pics of the babies! Arent they adorable! Hoping it wont be long till i get my first baby starlings! karen x

  3. I saw them looking out of the nest at work yesterday but this was the first time they've appeared at home. They are very fluffy still and really cute.

  4. Aww aren't they cute :)

    Still waiting for mine, it really can't be long now as I know there's nests all around here. Maybe just a little too far for the babies to fly to feed themselves?

  5. I've just been catching up with your latest posts, I do struggle to keep up with all the lovely blogs but you have some lovely photos of all your visitors and I just love all your Robin pics. Well done on the babies, they obviously know where to come for a good feed, you're right though they do always look so vulnerable.

  6. I'm having to check first before I let my cat out, that there aren't any on the ground! He's pretty good and normally leaves the birds alone but he turns sheepdog on me with the babies 'cos they tend to run rather than fly off and he tries to herd them into the kitchen if I'm not careful!

  7. great shots Mac.Starling chicks are so much more adorable than there parents.Then again all babies are lovely.