Thursday, 21 May 2009

Blimey, they're everywhere!

There are so many baby starlings around that it's starting to feel like an invasion! I'm sure there are more coming as well. I've seen adults collecting food and flying off with it so there might be more still in the nest.

They are just adorable and seem to be everywhere, they are getting very close to the kitchen door though and I don't want to encourage that - it's too much for my cat, he's feeling harassed as it is!

My blackie is getting quite bold now, he knows I provide the food.

My lovely, tireless robins. Always ready for their close up!


  1. Wonderful pics of the babies mac, they are so adorable! And of course, the blackie and robins are fab too. Mine also wait by the back door for me to feed them, very sweet.x

  2. great photos yet again sumac, i think that we just loan our gardens from the robins and the blackbirds, wouldn't be the same without them.


  3. another lovely set of photos,have seen my first starling babies,so sweet.My robin is very nervous and just stays for a quick top up.

  4. Great shots again Mac, like the house sparrows we don't get many starlings here at all. Get them at my mom & Dad's but not here, I think I've only sighted one or two here all year so far!!