Sunday, 10 May 2009

Swifts are back - summer's here!

The swifts are so fast it's virtually impossible to photograph them.

The male blackbird is collecting food every few minutes and flying back to the nest, it's exhausting just to watch.

Ths starlings are eating me out of house and home.

The sparrows are constantly on the feeders, they must have lots of young to feed.

Mr warty-legged chaffinch still going strong.

Such a poser!

This dunnock doesn't have much of a grey head - wonder if it's a youngster? There were no parents around and it doesn't look very fluffy!

Starling on the telephone wire

Woodpigeons on the TV aerial

Just can't resist taking pictures of the goldies! And I still haven't managed to get a photo of that elusive greenfinch outside. He's a bit nervous I think.


  1. great photos sumac, not seen any swifts around here yet, all our feeders are being emptied very quickly, a very busy time of year in the bird world.


  2. Lovely photos sumac! i, too, have been watching the blackies filling their beaks every 10 minutes sometimes!!!And i think they work so hard to look after their babies! Bless em!Like you, i love photgraphing the goldies, such pretty birds! karen x

  3. Not sure why I didn't spot this post before, Mac.

    I'm pretty sure that's a baby dunnock you have. I've been looking very carefully at mine but no baby yet.