Thursday, 8 October 2009

Latest attempt to stop soggy seed.

This is my latest attempt to prevent a build up of seed porridge in the tray when it rains. Since this is the worst feeder for seed being spilt into the tray, I thought I'd try out a dome shelter on it. Having seen the price of them in the garden centre (more than the feeder), I went looking for something that I could adapt and found this mixing bowl in Wilkinsons for 79p. It has a lip, which I've drilled holes in but I might cut it off if it doesn't work. I put two small holes in the top to thread the wire hanging loop through. Here's hoping it works! Shouldn't have to wait long to find out -rain is forcast for tomorrow.


  1. looks like it should work,


  2. Worked well so far. The usual porridge whenever it rains was bone dry seed instead when I got home from work and the drainage holes seemed to work so I'm well pleased!