Monday, 28 September 2009

Return of some birds

Had a few computer problems recently and couldn't do a lot. We seem to have resolved the problems by adding extra RAM and a new hard drive. It was mainly with image editing and speed problems but now it's OK the OH has been hogging it so I'm not getting much chance to post!

Cleared all the ivy off the tree trunk as it was looking really choked up and I was so glad I did because I was rewarded almost immediately with the Blue Tit and then the Coal Tit returning to peck insects off the trunk. It's so much easier to photograph them too without the ivy confusing the autofocussing behind.

The lovely sparrows - they've had a really successful season and trebled their numbers. I've got a great little flock now. The youngsters are moulting into adult plumage and look like unfinished versions of the adults!

Actually managed to get some pictures of the coal tit. Not an easy task when they flit about so much.!
Got a new feeder as the sparrows' favourite one lost another piece when I was cleaning it and added a tray (actually plant saucer secured with wire ties) and good job I did because the starlings decided to pull out all the seed mix to get at the suet pellets in there! It's a really good mix from the pet store that the birds love but flows a bit too freely from this new feeder.


  1. hi suemac, glad to hear your back online, nice photos, love the coal tit ones, not seen any since the winter, we had a lot of sparrows over the summer but there dwindling off now.


  2. great photos ,love the sparrows.I have had lots too and some treesparrows.

  3. Thanks guys, glad to be back - hopefully will get a more time now things have quietened down to do me-stuff!