Saturday, 28 February 2009

It was Jackdaw day today, once one decides to come and have a look they all follow!

The Jackdaws got close - really close! I could hardly get the camera any closer to the window to get these shots in the tree just below.

Looks like spring - everyone seems to be collecting nesting material.

The woodpigeons decided to pay a visit, they don't normally get down into the garden but seemed attracted to it today.

'Ere, what's up there then?'

Having scoffed their way through all the fat balls the starlings had to make do with other food until I could get out for supplies.


  1. brilliant photos and you were right about how close those jackdaws were.lovely clear pics

  2. Great photos of the jackdaws. I think there's some in the area but the only crows to actually visit my garden were a couple of magpies last year.

  3. good photos, very crisp and clear, you have a wide variety of birds.