Wednesday, 18 February 2009

And one of the Robins
Mr House sparrow, with the image stabilizer turned on.

Here come the starlings.

Here's missus chaffinch. I think the focusing is going to take a bit of fiddling to get right - the auto focus tends to go for the stronger ivy image behind rather than the fuzzier birds. I think there's a setting for that or it's on to the manual focus.

Nice goldies - sharing for a change!

This was the first attempts at using the new camera, basically I just put it on auto and tried out the zoom to see how it worked and four goldfinches arrived on cue! And no squabbling this time either - I'm beginning to think these four are a little group separate from my bad tempered loner who hogs the seed for himself.


  1. lovely photos sumac and really clear great pic of the house sparrow,shows off his markings

  2. Lovely photo's Sumac keep em' coming